SHT White Dental Zirconia Block

SHT White Dental Zirconia Block

Outstanding Esthetics

translucent and high strength

Highest Flexural Strength

single crown to multi-unit bridges

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Basic Parameters

  • with 46% translucency and 1000Mpa high flexural strength for a variety of indications and processing options.

    This combination enables a maximum variety of indications for the fabrication of monolithic and anatomically reduced single-tooth and bridge restorations. The soft material quality of the discs positively affects the lifetime of the milling tools and ensures effortless separation and postprocessing. Thanks to these properties, Zahndent provides an economic advantage for the users in the laboratory.


Pre-sintering Chart

Finished Product


As a material supplier for CAD/CAM dental material , Zahndent is committed to the development and production of inorganic non-metallic ceramic materials. Finally we have a perfect restoration material 3D Pro Multilayer that combines aesthetics and strength,the full contour zirconia material is closer to natural teeth than other materials from the view of esthetics.

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About Dental Zirconia Block

Dental Zirconia block has increasingly become the choice for many dentists, as it provides the most technologically advanced metal-free restorations.

Dental Zirconia Block is translucent, metal-free, 100% biocompatible, extremely durable, and bonds well with your teeth. These reasons make zirconia most popular in the dentist field, and even though the price is slightly high, most dentist and the patient prefer this.

The dental zirconia block is made of crystalline oxide form of zirconium, and it consists of a metallic atom in the crystal but is never considered a metal. Because of its durable and biocompatible properties, surgeons or doctors use dental zirconia block in various prostheses. Even it is used in implants as it is considered the most robust material.

Even though numerous products are used in the dental industry, the dental zirconia block is most famous among the dentist and patients, as it is manufactured using the high-tech development.

Dental zirconia block is a high-quality product, and also it makes the tooth more durable and natural. Once the product is implanted inside the patient, it will give a good shelf life to the product. The most important features of this product are it can possess any natural color reappearance, and also it can match any size and shape.

The other important benefits of this dental zirconia block are it will reduce the pre-drying time and improve the visual impression during the dyeing time.

Dental Zirconia Block user in Lab

The selection of the right dental zirconia blocks is essential, as it will determine the crown or bridge’s size and shape. These blocks will be fixed on the milling machine and then scanned using the CAM/CAD scanner. you can find milling machine and 3D scanners in our product catalogue.
The next step is setting the parameters, as mentioned in the shrinkage co-efficient of the zirconia blocks. Then the experts will do the milling.
the Expert will insert the milling products into the sintering furnace, and once the sintering is done, the product is completed, and you can insert this in the patient’s mouth for oral well-being.
People love the movie-star of shinning teeth, Zahndent’s 3D multilayer dental zirconia block, and the profession of Ivoclar Vivadent Bleach BL Shade of dental zirconia can be achieved the perfect smile need.


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