Dental PMMA Disc

Dental PMMA Disc

1.Excellent comfort.

2.Shiny surface of the finished product.

3.Good machining and polishing performance

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Temporary crown restorations

Temporary bridge restorations

Physical Properties

1. Metling point: 110-115℃(DSC )

2. Density: 1.35-1.45g/cm³ 3.Hardness:85-90(Shore hardness) 

4.Linear Expansion:0.01%

5.Thermal decomposition residue: <1.0%

6.Antistatic: Yes

7.Component: PMMA>99%,Pigment< 0.1%

8.Organic residues :<1.0%

9.Application:Milling ;Temporary Crown

10.Machining parameters:

1).Spindle speed:18000-20000r/min;

2).Rough machining :0.5mm

3).Finishing machining :0.05mm




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