Dental lab milling machines ZDM-5T

Efficient zirconia milling

Extremely high accuracy

Perfect performance

Extraordinary stability

Dry/wet milling

servo motor

Water-cooled spindle


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ZAHNDENT 2024 New Dental Lab Milling Machine

Technical Spec:

1. Axis: 5
2. Milling mode: Dry/Wet
3. Millable material: Titanium, Zirconia, PMMA Wax, Lithium disilicate
4. Product type: Crown, Coping, Bridge, Inlay/Onlay, Veneer, Premilledabutment, Customized abutment, Partial frameworkSurgical guide, Model, Full denture
5. Spindle power: 2.2KW
6. Machine total power: 2.7KW
7. Spindle cooling: Water
8. Rotation range: A: ±360° B: +25° -115° 60°
9. Rotation range: 20000-60000
10. Max spindle speed: 60000
11. Number of burs(tools) housed: 12
12. Tool shank diameter: 6mm
13. Tool change: automatic
14. Compatible compressed air: No water and no oil 4.5bar-8bar
15. Loadable workpiece shape: 98 discs,Glass ceramic,Pre-stored titanium rods
16. Voltage/Current: 220v/50hz
17. External dimensions(L*W*L): 625*480*635mm
18. Package demension(L*W*L): 830*750*950mm
19. N.W/G.W: 125KG/148KG
20. Machine Table: 830*750*950mm
21. G.W: 85kg/106kg
22. Control command set: NC
23. Positioning accuracy: 0.002MM
24. Average milling time(Dental crown): Zirconia 8 min- 15 min, PMMA 8min-15min, Wax 5min8min,Titanium 20min – 25 min
25. motor: servo motor
26. Warranty: 2 Years
27. Software: hyperdent
28. Supportlanguage: Chinese/English/Russian/French


Standard accessories:

1. Chiller-1
2. Water tank-1
3. Milling burs-one set (0.6/1.0/2.0mm)
4. Wax block-1
5. Jig for ceramic/tiantium-2


Ctn size:820*750*900mm-Plywooden case
N.W/G.W: 125KG/143KG
corollary equipment: Machine Table-Plywooden case
Ctn size:820*750*900mm
N.W/G.W: 62kg/80kg

Total 223kg, 1.2CBM

ZDM-5Z milling video


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