3D-Pro ML Dental Zirconia Block

3D-Pro ML Dental Zirconia Block

Outstanding Esthetics

translucent and high strength

Extensive Color Selection

20 colors (A1-D4,BL1,BL2,BL3,BL4)

Highest Flexural Strength

single crown to multi-unit bridges

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Basic Parameters

  • Translucency (43%-49%)

  • Flexural strength (800Mpa-1200Mpa)

  • Layerless Natural Transition


3D pro multilayer zirconia block with full contour material has the natural gradient of color, translucency, and strength in a real sense.

The full contour zirconia material is closer to natural teeth than other materials from the view of aesthetics. Also, its abrasion makes it become a dental material with biomimetic properties.

The cervical strength of 3D Pro Multilayer Zirconia Block is up to 1200Pa, which is a great improvement. Long span bridges are stable, and it fully meets laboratories’ strength requirements for a broad range of indications.

The color transition of 3D Pro Zirconia Block with full contour zirconia is similar to natural teeth from cervical to incisal. 3D Pro Multilayer Zirconia Block Zir has a smooth color gradient without visible layers.

3D Pro Zirconia Block is the leading digital solution in the field of Zirconia materials. The full contour zirconia with excellent characteristics is combined with the 3D Pro Rapid Aesthetic Solution, which will help laboratories finalize and deliver Zirconia restorations within 24 hours.

Multilayer zirconium oxide with natural esthetics,natural color and translucency gradient and high flexural strength (1200 MPa cervical, 800 MPa incisal).

These properties enable the fabrication of highly esthetic, monolithic single-tooth and bridge restorations in the anterior and posterior region. The specially adjusted translucency gradient ensures good coverage in the cervical area and increased translucency in the incisal area. The integrated color gradient also ensures the efficient fabrication of natural-looking restorations.


Pre-sintering Chart

Finished Product


As a material supplier for CAD/CAM dental material , Zahndent is committed to the development and production of inorganic non-metallic ceramic materials. Finally we have a perfect restoration material 3D Pro Multilayer that combines aesthetics and strength,the full contour zirconia material is closer to natural teeth than other materials from the view of esthetics.


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