Zahndent Intraoral Scanner Model P3
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Are you looking for a portable dental scanner?

Zahndent intraoral scanner model P3

Zahndent is proud to introduce a brand new intraoral scanner, Model P3!

Model P3 is small and lightweight, easy to carry, designed for users to easily acquire vivid digital impressions in a faster and more accurate way. It brings an excellent experience to doctors and patients.

Intraoral scanner Zhandent P3
Intraoral scanner Zhandent P3

Why Choose P3?

Light weight, High resolution, Vivid color, Touch button

Light Weight

Weighing only 300 grams and exceptionally easy to grab, it makes the scanning process more efficient

High Resolution

Easy to locate margin lines and undercuts as well as distinction between tooth structure and soft tissue

Vivid Color

3D full folor streaming capture for precise scans and detail rich images

How it Performs?

Accuracy and high precision

You can enjoy using Zahndent dental intraoral scanner with accuracy and high precision. it perfectly capture every detail.

Zahndent oral scanner, portable handheld device is easy to use, has the function of connecting to a computer, and weighs only 246 grams, making it highly maneuverable and convenient, simpler, faster and more accurate impression design to satisfy you All  restorative, orthodontic and implant needs.

Indication - restoration
Indication - Implant
Indication - Othodontics

Where Indication?

Accuate and clear shoulder margin brings efficient design and high-definition color images help dentists effectively distinguish between gingiva and teeth. One visit immediate restoration

Fast scanning with a large field of view easily capture 3mm data of cuff, and accurately scan of metal path pin. No need to do repeat impression and improve patient’s treatment experience

High accuracy of the full dentition, restore the real state of full arch. Get orthodontic treatent quickly and save time for more patients


What do we have other than scanners?

Experts of dental materials

5 years supporting dental lab CAD CAM solutions makes us experts of dental materials. Our products include zirconia discs, lithium disillicate blocks, PMMA discs, PEEK discs, Wax discs, Milling burs, dental sintering furnace, dental 3D scanners and intraoral scanners.

Zirconia blocks are made of high-quality raw materials and manufactured with strict quality control standards, ensuring consistent quality and reliability. They have excellent biocompatibility, high translucency, and strength, making them suitable for various dental restoration procedures.

PMMA discs offer excellent milling performance and dimensional accuracy. They are available in different shades and thicknesses.

PEEK discs offer excellent biocompatibility and strength. They have a high level of resistance to abrasion and corrosion

3D dental scanners offer excellent accuracy, speed, and ease of use. They are equipped with advanced technology that allows for precise scanning of dental models.

Intraoral scanners offer high accuracy, comfort, and time-saving benefits. They improve communication, efficiency, and are eco-friendly, making them a valuable addition to any dental practice

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idex 2024

The Istanbul Dental Equipment and Materials Exhibition is coming! It will be held from May 08 to May 11, 2024 at the Istanbul Expo Center.
This exhibition is a great opportunity for professionals in the dental industry to come together and explore the latest innovations and trends. You will have the chance to see the latest equipment, materials, and technologies on display.

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Who is Zahndent?

Zahndent is a professional dental material manufacture with a team of experts
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