Zahndent Blue Light CAD CAM

Dental 3D Scanner

with EXOCAD / 3 Shape software

Fast (High Efficiency)

Full Arch - 7s

Jaw - 6s

Upper/Lower Jaw - 9s

1-8 teeth - 13s

Impressions - 50s

Super Accuracy

Less than 10um


Texture scanning enables techicians to understand doctors' intentions and design better products

After Service

Online 24hours remote control installation, easy to install the 3d dental scanner

One year warranty (free charge to change the parts of the scanner 3d dental, including the cameras,

The 3D Dental scanner adopts new mechanical structure and hardware design, and the scanning speed of dental arch can reach less than 13 seconds. At the same time, an advanced patented algorithm is adopted in the algorithm to solve the problem of undivided scanning, and it can scan almost without blind spots. It is the best solution to solve the problem of no parting and impression scanning.

Our Factory

Zanhndent is a professional factory in zirconia blocks and dental 3d scanners. We have 6+ years experience in dental materials and equipments.

dental 3d scanner factory1
dental 3d scanner factory2
dental 3d scanner factory3
dental 3d scanner factory5

ISO Quality System

ISO quality system to make sure our products procedure

Best Core Parts

The best parts for our dental 3d scanner, Sony cameras, INTEL chip

CE Certificate

Our dental 3d scanners and zirconia blocks sell to main US and Europe

Why Choose Us

Customer Choice

More than 3000pieces Zahndent dental 3d scanners are used in different dental labs in more than 50 countries

99.5% 5 Stars

99.5% 5 stars reviews about our quality, service and


Technic Support

Our technicians are your technicians, online support,

remote control installation and problem solving

Fast Delivery

We could ship the products in 15 days for less than 50pcs 3d dental-scanner

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