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How teeth made from zirconia block?

How teeth made from zirconia blocks?   How teeth made from zirconia blockds   Zirconia is widely used in dental restoration, in dental labs and dental clinic. Zirconia block material has advantage in strenth that means you can use artificial teeth like the real teeth. The teeth made by zirconia block is also very beautiful.…

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Zahndent Zirconia Block – How it’s Made

Zirconia block production https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OtQs-QoQbnk Zahndent zirconia block – how it’s made Zahndent 3D pro multilayer CAD CAM zirconia block has integrated shade and translucency gradient, with 5 layers of translucency transition, with incisal 49% translucency, strength 800Mpa, cervical 43% translucency, 1200Mpa. Gradations of transparency and strength give 3D Pro ML a natural feel that matches…

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3 ways to repair missing teeth

3 ways to repair missing teeth Dentist usually has 3 main ways to repair patient missting teeth, removable dentures, porcelain teeth or dental implants. Each method has its indications. Removable dentures Removable dentures are simple to make. it can be removed and worn by themselves. It’s easy to clean and beneficial to oral hygiene care.…