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Based in Zhejiang, China

Zhejiang Zandeng Biotechnology Co.,Ltd, is an excellent supplier dedicated to providing CAD CAM raw matierials for dental product distributors and dental labs worldwide. As a company that has been cautiously and conscientiously working in the field of zirconia blocks for over 10 years, we take pride in offering high-quality CAD CAM dental materials to dental laboratories.

Our product line includes zirconia blocks, PMMA discs, PEEK discs, 3D dental scanners, Intraoral scanners, dental milling burs, dental sintering furnace and all related solutions for dental labs. These products are widely used in various fields of dental restoration, including implant dentistry, and all-ceramic restorations.

Company values are Unity, fight, responsibility, gratitude,trust and love, which inspire us to be the best CAD CAM dental material supplier. With over a decade of experience in the zirconia block industry, we have gained valuable knowledge and expertise.

We are committed to continuing to provide high-quality CAD CAM dental materials to dental laboratories and distributors worldwide.

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Experts for dental lab materials

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5 years supporting dental lab CAD CAM solutions makes us experts of dental materials. Our products include zirconia discs, lithium disillicate blocks, PMMA discs, PEEK discs, Wax discs, Milling burs, dental sintering furnace, dental 3D scanners and intraoral scanners.

Zirconia blocks are made of high-quality raw materials and manufactured with strict quality control standards, ensuring consistent quality and reliability. They have excellent biocompatibility, high translucency, and strength, making them suitable for various dental restoration procedures.

PMMA discs offer excellent milling performance and dimensional accuracy. They are available in different shades and thicknesses.

PEEK discs offer excellent biocompatibility and strength. They have a high level of resistance to abrasion and corrosion

3D dental scanners offer excellent accuracy, speed, and ease of use. They are equipped with advanced technology that allows for precise scanning of dental models.

Intraoral scanners offer high accuracy, comfort, and time-saving benefits. They improve communication, efficiency, and are eco-friendly, making them a valuable addition to any dental practice

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Zahndent in IDS 2023

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Zahndent shows all major world dental exhibitions, in 2023 Mar, we attend IDS German and meet a lot of our friends. We care all of our customers whatever you are dealers, dental clinics or dental lab technicians. We like to change most updated CAD CAM technologes with our customers. We explain the sintering process of our dental zirconia blocks, illustrate the use of dental scanners. Our dental partners also give us a lot of construction ideas.


Our products speaks better than words

We have FDA, CE ISO 9008 certificate. Our quality is in high level.

Zahndent dental materials passed ISO quality system inspection, and have CE, FDA and other certifications. We take quality as our life and think quality can speak out our products.

Our hot products are restoration materials inluding zirconia blocks, PMMA discs, dental instruments including intraoral scanners, 3d dental scanners and other matertials used in dental lab and dental clinics.

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